Lumber Jack's

Lumber Jack's is a men's skin care company that uses birch and cedarwood essential oils for all-natural products. The logo is modern and edgy, avoiding the usual lumberjack stereotype (red plaid, axe, beard, etc.) while still remaining masculine. Packaging is coming soon! 

Type Brigade No.31

A few weeks back, I designed this custom "31" for a local design speaker series called Type Brigade, run by my friend Kenneth Ormandy. I left it to the last minute and drew this from start to almost-finished during a five hour flight from Toronto to Vancouver the night before the event.

GTR Logo


I just finished up a new logo design, so here are the results! This is for a restoration company, and the guys that own it were looking for a sports-inspired monogram for the logo. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, and neither could they! 

Painted Patterns

My boyfriend was recently out of town for a week, so I decided to start a little project while he was gone. I went to Michaels and bought a bunch of paint supplies (since my old supplies from art school mysteriously disappeared after my last move) and started playing around with painted patterns. I'm definitely a little rusty, but I love the look of this! I'm planning on starting a pattern series to sharpen this skill. Let's call this Pattern #001